[WUTE] Next Meetup – Wednesday, Feb. 8 @ 7:15pm


For those of you who came to the Schoology event, I hope you enjoyed
yourselves and learned a lot. Of course we can’t just concentrate on
one speaker, though, so we’re moving on to a more traditional-style
meetup this week.

Israel Vicars from StartLouis will be coming to speak to WUTE members
this Wednesday, February 8th, at 7:15pm in the WUTV space. Just to be
clear, it’s not in the WUTE lounge; it’s in our next door neighbor’s
meeting area (the WUTV office).

For those who don’t know, StartLouis is the StartupWeekend for St.
Louis. For more info on StartLouis, visit http://www.StartLouis.com

See you Wednesday night,

Adam C. Cohen
Director of Communications, WUTE

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